Coral Bay’s only large hotel, Concordia Eco-Resort, was destroyed in Hurricane Irma and currently there are no plans to rebuild or reopen the site. So post-storms private villas are the main option for visitors looking to stay on the Coral Bay side of St. John. Happily, many Coral Bay villas survived the storms or have been rebuilt post-storms and are now open and available to rent.

So the question becomes how to find the perfect Coral Bay villa for your next vacation. The answer of course depends on what kind of traveler you are and what level of service you require as visitors can find a place to stay in Coral Bay by using an on-island property management company, joining a Facebook Group, searching VRBO and Airbnb, or exploring private rental options with individual villas. Find information and tips on all four of these methods below.



There are two locally operated companies that offer both villa rentals and concierge services and have physical offices you can visit in Coral Bay:

Both are great, local sources of information for vacation rentals in Coral Bay and travel planning on St. John USVI




The use of Facebook Groups to disseminate information about the island has grown in popularity since the hurricanes of 2017 (when the social media pages became a crucial part of post-storm communications). Now it’s still a great place to find (or ask for) up to date, information on traveling to Coral Bay, St. John, and the Virgin Islands post-hurricane including information on accommodations. My two favorite travel info groups are  

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The use of large rental sites like VRBO and Airbnb has been becoming more and more common on St. John in the past few years as the number of available listing has increased. VRBO and Airbnb are great places to find information on vacation rentals in Coral Bay and the island of St. John; however, it’s also good to know that many of the villas also maintain private websites that sometimes have different (some say better) deals (especially for last minute deals or off-season bookings).




As mentioned above, many Coral Bay villas maintain private websites or Facebook Pages where visitors can find information about Coral Bay vacation rentals and book accommodations.

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A recent survey by the Coral Bay Community Council found nearly 200 private villas in operation for the 2019 season: see their full list HERE.


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